Help Inspire New #ARreaders!

Characters like Scout Finch, places like Narnia and Middle Earth, and stories about proud, prejudiced lovers have inspired us for years. However, in central Arkansas, over 145,000 adults do not have the literacy skills they need to fill out a job application or read a prescription label for their child’s medicine, let alone read a book that will spark their imagination.

Show your support for all #ARreaders in our community by using social media to post about your favorite book that a new reader will get to enjoy someday.

  1. Choose a book or author that inspires you
  2. Take a photo of the book or a selfie holding the book
  3. Post the photo on Facebook or Twitter
    1. Use hashtag #ARreaders
    2. Tag “Literacy Action of Central Arkansas” in your post
      1. Facebook: @LiteracyActionAR
      2. Twitter: @LiteracyAction
    3. Need a phrase? How about: “I would recommend Book Title to new #ARreaders. It inspired me and I hope it will inspire all of you.”
    4. Challenge (tag) a friend to share a book that has made a difference in their life and will make a difference in a new reader’s life