Jim Nosari

Jim-NosariJim Nosari, a Little Rock commercial real estate developer for almost 30 years, wanted to use what he felt was his best skill: one-on-one personal interaction. He was willing to commit to a long-term plan that would make a lasting impact on someone’s life, and he liked the idea of seeing firsthand the results of his work.

Jim’s current student is learning English as a second language. Teacher and student are glad that they can establish their own schedule for lessons, and they have made a commitment to come to each session prepared. For Jim that means reviewing his lesson plan and for his student it means completing his homework assignment.

They work on vocabulary and grammar and they practice phrases that can be put to use right away, such as asking directions or speaking with shopkeepers. Jim understands how important it is for his student to leave each session with a sense of accomplishment. Learning about people in other cultures has been an unexpected delight for Jim. “I have learned a lot from my student,” he said.