Self Study

A list of websites for self-study.

Ventures student arcade – games and practice for the skills you learn in each level:

A list of the most common English prefixes and suffixes:

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing help:

World news written in three levels from beginning to intermediate, including videos:

Listening activities for ESL students at various levels:

Conversation starters, listening, and vocabulary for ESL students:

Help with pronunciation, spelling, and reading English:

Vocabulary building games for ESL or reading students:

Study English and take grammar quizzes online:

English reading comprehension, vocabulary, and more:

English grammar, pronunciation (minimal pairs), reading, and a picture dictionary:

Entertaining videos and engaging web activities in reading, writing, vocabulary, and more:

Interactive tutorials for daily life, reading activities including stories to listen to and read along, and picture dictionaries:

Online picture dictionary with audio:

Read and listen to a news stories on many topics and do related activities. Some stories also include videos:

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English:

Audio and video stories in English to help you learn new vocabulary:

Reading, listening, and vocabulary activities in 7 levels using news stories:

Learning Express library has adult literacy, ESL, test prep, driver’s test practice, book finders and more:

Learn to manage your money, understand credit and loans, and protect your personal information:

TOEFL prep and tips:

101 ways to learn English – a list of advice:

Resources to help you reach your life goals, including reading, job skills, citizenship, and more: