List of Websites for Self-Study

We recommend the following websites for free resources to help  students improve their literacy and English skills on their own or as extra practice with their tutors.

For reading (ABL) students:

Reading program for students and teachers with a digital lesson library and progress tracking:

Content, curriculum, and tools to power teaching and learning at all reading levels: 

Authentic and interesting content from trusted news sources in a variety of reading levels and subjects:  

Career pathways platform that assesses literacy, numeracy, workplace skills, and interests to recommend jobs and resources:

For English (ESL) students:

Ventures student arcade – games and practice for the skills you learn in each level:

World news written in three levels from beginning to intermediate, including videos:

News articles with vocabulary, audio, discussion questions, and worksheets:

Listening activities for ESL students at various levels:

Conversation starters, listening, and vocabulary for ESL students:

Improve your American pronunciation:

Help with pronunciation, spelling, and reading English:

English grammar, pronunciation (minimal pairs), reading, and a picture dictionary: 

Online picture dictionary with audio: 

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English:

Audio and video stories in English to help you learn new vocabulary:

Reading, listening, and vocabulary activities in 7 levels using news stories: 

TOEFL prep and tips:

101 ways to learn English – a list of advice: 

English reading comprehension, vocabulary, and more: 

Learning website that teaches English speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, and citizenship: 

ESL video lessons, PowerPoints, worksheets, grammar, and vocabulary by student type and level: 

Practice speaking, improve your grammar, build your vocabulary, practice listening, and more: 

Find out the meanings of common sayings (idioms):

For all students  (ABL & ESL):

Readtheory offers free personalized reading comprehension exercises for all levels of reading and ESL students:

Printable English worksheets suitable for ESL, GED, or adult literacy students, with  a large variety of subjects including reading and grammar:

A list of the most common English prefixes and suffixes:

American stories written at a lower level, created by the Library of Congress:

Wikipedia free encyclopedia articles written in simple English:

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing help:

Vocabulary building games for ESL or reading students:

Study English and take grammar quizzes online:

Entertaining videos and engaging web activities in reading, writing, vocabulary, and more:

Interactive tutorials for daily life, reading activities including stories to listen to and read along, and picture dictionaries:

Learning Express library has adult literacy, ESL, test prep, driver’s test practice, book finders and more:

Learn to manage your money, understand credit and loans, and protect your personal information:

Resources to help you reach your life goals, including reading, job skills, citizenship, and more:

Health education videos and tools using animated graphics to explain a body part or organ, and how diseases and conditions affect them:

Official Arkansas driver’s license practice tests, with audio, and also available in Spanish: