Adult Basic Literacy (ABL)

In the Central Arkansas area, almost 100,000 adults are functionally illiterate. 23% of all Arkansans (nearly 500,000) are at this lowest level of literacy. Most of these adults do not have the reading skills to succeed in the workplace, address their health care needs, read to their children, or read schedules, labels, or billboards.

Literacy Action’s Adult Basic Literacy (ABL) Program is designed for people 18 years or older in central Arkansas who read below an eighth grade level. Many of these adults have coped for years with the enormous handicap of being unable to read and write well enough to function effectively in the community.

Adult literacy students have realized that in order to improve their lives, they must improve their literacy skills. For some, making the first contact with Literacy Action means overcoming the embarrassment of admitting that they cannot read.

Adult Learner Profile

Self-identified non-readers who:

  • are highly motivated to learn.
  • have specific, practical  goals such as getting a better job, helping their children with their homework, reading mail and paying bills, and functioning more fully in society.
  • have made a commitment to meet and work with a tutor for up to three hours per week.

How Our ABL Program Works

New students come to Literacy Action for an individual assessment to determine their reading and comprehension levels. During the initial appointment, students are informed of the program guidelines and commitment necessary to achieve results.  Students are matched with a trained tutor as soon as possible. All lessons are conducted in a mutually convenient public location and all services and materials are free of charge.

Tutors are trained by Literacy Action to teach the specific literacy skills that the students want to learn. Tutors use a wide range of nationally-recognized teaching materials, as well as incorporating other materials geared to the student’s particular needs and interests.

Students are retested periodically to assess their progress. At every lesson, the tutor evaluates the student’s steps toward achieving their personal objectives. Tutors are both instructors and cheerleaders, making sure students stay engaged and see the results of their efforts.

Who is Eligible?

Literacy Action of Central Arkansas serves all of Pulaski, Faulkner, and the surrounding counties’ residents 18 years of age or older who read and comprehend below an eighth grade level. For more information, email or call the Literacy Action office at 501-372-7323.