What was your turning point? Was it a new job, event or learning experience that made a profound change in your life? Or perhaps you can identify with famous statesman that once said, “My

Allen Glover

Student Allen Glover Receives Personal Care Provider Certificate

life is one long curve of turning points”. At Literacy Action, adult students and tutors are creating opportunities every day that are changing lives by improving literacy skills.

While time will tell if we are witnessing major life changing shifts or turning points on a long curve, we can say for a fact that students and tutors are taking action to make their lives better. This brings to mind two adult students, Allen and Marisa.



Allen is a student from Conway who has worked with his tutor since 2010 to expand his employment opportunities. Recently, Allen completed a certificate program as a personal care provider. As a result, he received a promotion and a raise.

Marisa and Faye Graham

TAFF Student Marisa Receives Certificate of Completion from her Teacher, Faye Graham

Without the training she would receive, she would not be able to achieve her goal to work in the medical technology field. She enrolled in Literacy Action’s first Taking Action for the Future class and after over 60 hours of classroom instruction passed her exam that will give her admission to Pulaski Tech. Marisa’s test scores were also high enough for her to be certified college ready, thus avoiding costly remedial class work.

Allen and Marisia demonstrate the kind of spirit we see in our adult learners everyday. Their actions remind us that community programs that focus on basic literacy skills can make a real difference in the lives of the adults we serve and maybe even become turning points.